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Name: Christian Chavez
Subject: Recapitulation Info
City: Anaheim
Region: California
Country: USA

Message: Hi. I have a question on the recapitulation. Im going to do it by myslef. I have the book by Victor Sanchez that explains the process. The book is called “The Toltec Path of Recapitulation”. On your online store you offer a guided series on recapitulation. I wanted more info on that. Is the book enough? or does that downloable program offer more guidlines that is not in the book? I just want to know if the book provides everything that i need to do the process?
A responce will be greatly appreciated
Thank you.

Dear Christian,

Thanks for writing.

Here is your answer:

Yes the book  could be enough. With the book you could create your own recapitulation program, but a personal program is not created and presented in the book.

The downloadable module for recapitulation is a two months program, that you could even adapt a bit to make it shorter or longer, but is meant to tell you exactly how to organize your program and your recapitulation sessions.

You can use the book without the digital module or the digital module without the book but is more complete if you have the two. The book is meant to give you a full explanation of everything you would need to know to make recapitulation. The module is a tool to help you with your actual personal program.

For deep understanding of the recapitulation, the book is what you want. For a practical program, once you understand the process… the module (which is meant to be used as a companion of the book) would be most helpful.

Another way to address your question is to say that the module is based in the way we do recapitulation in the in-person recapitulation workshops, in which we add some useful procedures that are not included in the book.

However, if you use the  book only, you would not feel there is something missing.

This has to do with the fact that while the main structure of the recapitulation process is the same, the specifics of how we actually organize the process and even some parts of the techniques may vary, depending of our preferences and circumstances.

In addition to the recapitulation module, you could also look into our guided recapitulation session audio files package, which is consist in two mp3 files that could be used to be guided in the steps of the recapitulation session while you are doing it. This resembles the way Victor Sanchez guides the sessions for participants in the recapitulation workshops (what you would hear is his actual voice and some appropriate music background). Some people used this audio files for the first stage in which they are learning how to do it and then they continue without them. Other people use them all the time. Is a matter of preference.

For you information: you can get the book here:

You can get the module and the audio guided sessions files here:

best wishes for your recapitulation process!

AVP Team



Taino Jan on  said:

My question has to do with modifying the recapitulation technique. I find that releasing everything all at once can be very disruptive. I have been experimenting with releasing at a slower rate to allow time for integration. Additionally, when reclaiming my power/energy back, I also fill the vacuum of what was released with a high spiritual ideal. Any comments, questions, or curses? Thanks.

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  • Thanks for your comment. This is my reply: Since the recapitulation practices are procedures which help the energetic body to engage in the recapitulation dynamic (which is a natural capability we all have) “modifying” the recapitulation technique is actually an integral part of the “technique” and is generally acceptable, as long as we get beneficial results. Another way to speak about this is by saying that the general technique requires that the practitioners make the adjustments that work best for them. However, what I would recommend is to keep the essential parts: breathing – remembering – reliving – healing breathing – decision making and follow-up. Otherwise, we may get only a partial benefits that we may loose later. Now, in terms of your personal experience I think is great that you have taking the time and work that requires to find the rate or rhythm that works for you, plus you are mentioning “integration” which is is for sure a key concept. In recapitulation, doing things too fast can also make more difficult to “articulate” what we are doing, which in this case means that to be complete, the recapitulation should take place not only at the level of energy and emotions (which is critical) but also at the level of “understanding” what we are doing. This way, we have a complete process which includes both, the rational (tonal) and the energy body (nagual) parts are involved.