Recapitulation Resources

In addition to the option of posting questions in the “Questions and Answers” section of this blog, you can take advantage of the following resources that can help you with your recapitulation process.

*To get these resources in Spanish, just change the language in the destination pages and follow the links.


The Teachings of Don Carlos
Practical applications of the works of Carlos Castaneda


77 techniques to apply the most practical an powerful ideas from the books of Castaneda in your own life. It includes a section about the recapitulation technique.

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The Toltec Path of Recapitulation
Healing your past to free your soul


The ultimate guide to understand and perform recapitulation.

Available in multiple languages.

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Self-Training Recapitulation Course


The Self-Training Recapitulation Program is part of the four modules AVP Self Training Program for Personal Growth by Victor Sanchez..

The difference with the book on recapitulation is that while the full book gives you all the information for you to design your own recapitulation program, this two months course is an already designed practical program for you to follow. It includes many tips and suggestions not included in the main book, which tend to recreate a “workshop-like” guided context.

Made by the world leading expert on the Recapitulation process this step by step program is suggested to be carried out in two months, but it can be adapted for shorter or longer duration.

Available in English and Spanish

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Audio Guided Recapitulation Sessions 1


The purpose of these audio files – with the voice of Victor Sanchez – is to support the practice of the recapitulation process through the evocative power of music and the expert guidance of the world leading authority on the Recapitulation process.

The package includes one PDF file with information and instructions and two audio mp3 files.

The first audio file includes a music track that can help increase the level of concentration and focus throughout the flow of the different steps of the technique, in addition to voice instructions step by step to guide the practitioner.

The second audio file contains the same musical track, but instead of providing continuing instructions throughout the recapitulation segment, it contains only brief voice prompts, to indicate the proper time to move on to the next step of the process.

Available in English and Spanish.

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Personal assistance

You can get personal support and advice from AVP team or Victor Sanchez over email, telephone or skype, to prepare and organize your recapitulation or to deal with questions you may have once you have started your recapitulation process.

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Recapitulation Chat Room

There is a chat room for recapitulation related conversations, which opens on scheduled dates.

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