Let´s talk about recapitulation…

In very few words recapitulation is a technique of reliving to release to let our stuck life energy flow in the way it needs.

The recapitulation experience is related to the fact that we all are influenced –if not determined- by our past experiences.

The problem is that often times the emotional experience of the individual —if not managed properly in the moment- create disturbances which will often times accompany us for the rest of our life, troubling our relationships and diminishing our human development potential.

This may happen any time in our life, but due our lack of experience to understand and manage the complexities of life when we are younger, the earlier experiences from childhood and adolescence tend to be the most influential.

The result of this is that –no matter how strong or grown we may look on the outside- in the inside, there a are parts of us that remain “immature” and attached to old feelings and patterns which take us from time to time, to a place in which we waste life energy and remain stuck in distorted perception and dysfunctional behavior.

Many people don´t even get to the point of realize that they have a problem because of very old unsolved emotional issues; instead they think that the personal problems they have are just “the way things are”. In the same way, they may ignore that they can finally solve those unsettled issues and further their personal growth as a consequence.

However, some people do get to the point of realizing that there are parts of themselves that are not right and have the constant feeling that they would like somehow to fix themselves, so to speak.

This is the moment in which some of them think about getting therapy or psychoanalysis sessions, which in some cases could provide some relieve, but perhaps not a real change… and this is the point where the recapitulation practice has strong advantages points over the traditional rational-mind-only based treatments.

The reason is that recapitulation works with and uses the resources from both sides of human consciousness (reason and silent knowledge) and works at all levels of human existence (physical body, mind, emotions, spirit and energy field).

The result of this approach that begins from the ultimate dimension of what we are (an energy field) is that -besides being more effective- the benefits and transformation that recapitulation brings will take place in a much shorter time and will last much longer than with the traditional “conversational-only” methods; plus you can do the recapitulation with or without the assistance of a professional on the matter.

I know about this because I have been researching, developing, testing and refining recapitulation methods for more than twenty years and have successfully applied the results of my research with thousands of people all over the world.

It is such a paradox that while the recapitulation is a natural capacity of all human beings, (which indeed has been practiced by many ancient cultures that were not obsessed  with ideas of sin, guilt and punishment), is still mostly an unknown method in the western world which therapists, emotional health specialists and the general public only begin to know.

That is why I think we should do something about it:

Let´s learn about and practice recapitulation and let´s spread the word about this powerful self-healing technique that is available to everyone, because the recapitulation will also contribute to make a better world.

What do you think?

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