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In the recent years, the recapitulation has become an issue that is attracting the attention of many people.

As the person who –as far as I know- have researched and developed this technique most extensively in the world since the time in which Carlos Castaneda provided a vague description of the recapitulation technique in 1982 in his book The Eagle´s Gift, I thought it would be appropriate to create a space where some of the relevant topics related to this powerful energetic self-healing technique could be discussed.

It is not my intention to repeat here what I have written in my books or have taught on my workshops about recapitulation, but instead open a conversation both, for those who are already familiar with the topic and also for those who –without having familiarity with it- are interested in taking responsibility for who they are and the unsolved issues that they may be carrying as an energetic burden, perhaps for too long.

For now I will only say that the recapitulation practices and the techniques associated with it are related to a natural capacity that everybody has but that most people has not yet discovered: the capacity of self-healing our energetic body from energetic (emotional) wounds pretty much in the same way our physical body has the capacity to heal itself from physical wounds. However, it should be noted that the healing process cannot be managed and solved just by the use our rational consciousness (tonal) -which is what traditional western therapy and psychoanalysis try to do- but it requires the involvement of our supra-rational consciousness (nagual), which is unfamiliar for the western world. A serious healing process should necessarily involve both sides of consciousness.

The problem is that most times we are not even aware of these energetic imprints which are the base of a distorted perception of ourselves and others, affect our behavior and diminish our life energy by creating an excessive focus on the self which, -by definition- is detrimental for our health, development and happiness.

If you want to know more about the recapitulation the simplest way is to read my book on the this subject and you may also consider the resources list available through the link on the top menu.

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